First People To Nearly Blow Themselves Up With Thermonuclear-Sized Explosion This Week Is… Italy?

If you had to guess which country would have a thermonuclear-sized explosion that nearly killed five people, you’d have to put all of your money on the great US of A right? Just when you think Americans cornered the market with getting plastered and fucking with explosives in the summer, in comes Italy out of nowhere to present this near-deadly, yet glorious, fiery mishap.

Apparently, there’s something called “sacred heart bonfires,” a bright tradition that goes back to the mid-19th century in the mostly German-speaking Italian province of South Tyrol. The crazy video shows the firestarters liberally applying copious amounts of accelerant onto a pile of wood. Then two gentlemen throw torches into the bonfire and a blast as bright as a thousand suns erupt! It appears that several of the individuals barely get away from the explosion, but the massive fire is welcomed with laughter and cheering so one would assume that nobody died. While we’re waiting for the news to report which professional athlete blows their hand off with fireworks, enjoy this magnificently dangerous inferno.

America, are we gonna let Italy have all the near-death shenanigans? I didn’t think so.