Donald Trump’s Daughter Spent The Weekend Vacationing With Vladimir Putin’s (Alleged) Girlfriend

Yesterday, Donald Trump’s daughter (and possible cabinet member!) posted a picture of herself on vacation in Croatia.

No big deal, right? We could all use a European vacation to get away from everything, especially if you’ve been as unexpectedly thrust into the public spotlight as Ivanka has been.

This being the 2016 election, it is a big deal. Because Ivanka wasn’t just in Croatia with her family. She was in Croatia with a woman rumored to be Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend.

Ever since Wendi Deng split with media magnate Rupert Murdoch, it’s been speculated she’s getting down with VP. And here she is with Ivanka in Dubrovnik.

The Trump campaign’s been repeatedly plagued by accusations of ties to Putin, what with Donald Trump repeatedly praising the man, and the DNC hack, which is believed to be the work of Russian agents.

All just a thousand coincidences? Probably? Maybe? I don’t even fucking know anymore.

That said, the New York Times did just reveal Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, received $12 million from pro-Russian groups while working in the Ukraine from 2007-2012.

All just ten thousand coincidences?

[Via Galore]

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