Is Vladimir Putin Getting It On With The Ex Of One Of The World’s Wealthiest Men?

No one knows how to pull a power move quite like the president of Russia. Whether its poisoning dissidents with radioactive material, authorizing the downing of commercial jets flying through countries he’s invaded, trolling the United States with election year endorsements, or carrying a gun to meetings with foreign dignitaries, Vladimir Putin is always dominating.

It’s kinda why we like him so much.

Now, he’s Putin it in (get it) one of the world’s most powerful men’s ex-wife.


Rupert Murdoch owns the world’s second-largest media conglomerate, holding major print and television properties throughout the world. He’s worth an estimated $12.4 billion.

He divorced from Wendi Deng in 2014, amid rumors that she was messing around with former British prime minister Tony Blair, so it’s not like she’s new to power.

Putin has been single since he split with his wife of 30 years in 2014.

Here’s a picture of Deng, because I know all you Bros were wondering.

The poorly sourced rumor from US Weekly (keep in mind tomorrow is April Fools and the bane of all of us content producers), stems from Deng being spotted aboard the yacht of Putin’s close friend, Roman Abramovich, in St. Barth.

While this is unfortunately probably just a joke propagated by a mag in need of some clicks to get the March Com Score numbers up (uhhh, yea, not at all what I’m going here), nothing about Vlad would surprise me, so good for him.

I doubt Murdoch would try to fight him, but that would be a great Tomorrow Never Dies-style feud if he did.

[Via The Daily Mail]