Total Bro Move: The US Military Is Also The World’s Largest Buyer Of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel

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In addition to being the ‘deadliest force in the history of civilization’, the US Military can add another feather to their cap: they are the world’s largest buyer of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel.

I’m just going to assume that every bro reading this is already familiar with Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, their small batch program that allows people to buy an entire barrel and have it individually bottled…or to buy one of those delicious individual bottles off the shelf.

I first tasted Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel back in 2005 while visiting some friends at U.Penn for Spring Weekend, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s as simple as that. You taste it and you fall in love, because it’s about as perfect as a whiskey can be.

Business Insider’s Amanda Macias recently did a long exposé on Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, telling the history of the drink and the ins and outs of the program. But what really jumped off the page was how they mentioned that the US Military is far and away the largest buyer of the sweet nectar of the Gods.

From Business Insider:

Single Barrel whiskey was first sold in 1997 and was such a success that the distillery created the ‘By The Barrel’ program a year later, and ever since then the American military has been the top buyer.

During a tour of the distillery in Lynchburg, Tenn., our tour guide said it is believed that Navy SEAL Team 6 bought a barrel after the successful raid on Osama Bin Laden.

Although, we could not confirm, parent company Brown-Forman did share, “SEAL teams have purchased barrels before but we can’t officially confirm Seal Team 6.”

Those who buy more than one barrel are given a medallion on their tablet. MacDill Air Force Base’s plaque reflects the purchase of 7 barrels of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel whiskey.

The distillery’s relationship with America’s troops spans further with the creation of the Operation Ride Home program. Since 2011, approximately 1,200 service members have benefitted from free travel from their bases to homes in order to celebrate the holidays with their families.

“The men and women of our armed forces have been some of the best friends of Jack Daniel’s over the years, and Operation Ride Home is a continuation of our longstanding support of our nation’s military,” Arnett told Business Insider.

And to that I say: HELL YES.

Of course the baddest collection of the most deadly mother fuckers on the planet are going to be the largest buyers of the best whiskey known to man. This is an obvious symbiosis, and if you don’t see it you probably shouldn’t be reading this site.

Tip of the hat to TotalFratMove for finding and sharing this story from Business Insider.


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