Jeb Bush Posts Pic Of Gun On Twitter Because ‘America,’ Gets Mercilessly Mocked

Jeb Bush has tried standing toe-to-toe with Donald Trump, but the 43rd Governor of Florida has not made much headway. In a CNN/ORC International poll that was released today, of 1006 Nevada residents, only 1 percent were inclined to vote for Jeb, compared to 45 percent for the Donald.

Trump has basically labeled Bush as a mama’s boy after Jeb featured his former first lady mother, Barbara Bush, into one of his campaign ads.

To add insult to injury, Trump is the master of Jeb’s domain, quite literally. When you go to, it redirects you to

During the most recent GOP Debate in South Carolina, Jeb was praising his mother, and Trump mumbled, “She should be running.”

Jeb may have hit his breaking point on Tuesday of being bullied around. The Republican presidential candidate tweeted out a photo of a 45-caliber handgun made by FN America, a subsidiary of the Belgian-based corporation FN Herstal, engraved with “Gov. Jeb Bush” with the simple caption of “America.”

Jeb was quickly and mercilessly mocked on Twitter.

Somebody please check and see if Jeb! is okay this morning.