Jerry Sandusky Seems To Have Watched Too Much Brendan Dassey Coverage Because Now He Wants A New Trial

You gotta respect Jerry Sandusky coming out of this one. The dude got caught red handed sexually abusing young boys but still expects people to give him the Jerry Springer chant every time he walks into a room. Sorry pal, I only chant for guy who bring us the best hyper-violent in family drama, not the dude who abused innocent boys.

However, with Brendan Dassey having his sentence overturned yesterday, it was only a matter of time before people started climbing out of the woodwork claiming that their lawyers also messed up. And Sandusky seems to be leading the charge.


“Former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky proclaimed his innocence and railed against what he said were ineffective lawyers during an appeals hearing Friday that seeks a reversal of his 2012 conviction.

“I believe there are two sides to this story,” the 72-year-old Sandusky said during testimony that lasted just less than an hour. “My side still hasn’t been told.”

It was the first time Sandusky has taken the stand, as he declined to testify during his 2012 trial at the same Centre County Courthouse where he was convicted on 45 of 48 counts of child sex abuse. He was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in Greene State Prison, where he has been largely segregated from the prison’s general population out of concerns for his safety.

At issue now is whether Sandusky’s former lawyers provided inadequate counsel and whether Sandusky is entitled to a new trial. Sandusky’s current defense attorney, Al Lindsay, argued that the preliminary hearing should not have been waived — even if, in exchange, the prosecution agreed not to oppose setting Sandusky’s bail at a manageable $250,000.”

I swear to fuck, if we get a ‘Making A Pedophile’ in the next few months, I’m going to jump out a third story window. Honestly, I’d love to hear Sandusky’s untold side of this story. “I only raped those boys because I felt I needed to, not because I derided any pleasure from it.” You know what, hindsight, I literally don’t want to hear his side of the story. I might get sick if I do. Thankfully, there’s no way that he’s getting out of this one. You may wrongly incarcerate innocent people, but please never reach the point where we wrongly release criminals.