This Jersey Shore Lightning Footage Is Some Of The WILDEST You Will Ever See Up Close


Erin Walker

On Tuesday night, severe thunderstorms ravaged through the mid-Atlantic’s tri-state area on their way toward the eastern seaboard. These storms were part the same system that had left baseball fans amazed at the skies over Wrigley Field in Chicago on Monday night, and they left Philadelphia looking very much the same way after a torrential downpour for 45 minutes or so.


The storm system continued east to deliver an absolute whooping to the state of New Jersey in the form of some extremely high winds and some even more extreme displays of lightning.

A friend of mine happened to be down the Jersey shore at the time, and captured some totally epic footage of of mother nature’s ferociousness from her balcony in Avalon. Just fifteen straight seconds of mother nature’s lightning-wielding fury for your entertainment.

Whoa, mother nature. I didn’t know lightning could dance that well. Thanks for the free show (and the downed trees and powerlines).

Huge thanks to my friend Erin Walker for sharing the footage. She missed out on Wing Night for this…

h/t Erin Walker