Watch Jetman Soar Around Dubai In A Jet Pack Like ‘Iron Man’ In Real Life

A few years ago an amazing video went viral. It featured Yves Rossy — a former fighter pilot in the Swiss Air Force — soaring above the Grand Canyon in his individual jet pack. JetMan is a pioneer in the jetpack game, designing a pack with wings that let’s him soar through the air like a real-life Tony Stark. A few months ago he was documented flying around Dubai with a flying partner. Today in Dubai, Rossy dropped another incredible video, this time soaring in tandem with his sidekick Vince Reffet through the skies around the Burj Khalifa, The Palm Jumeirah, and the Liwa desert.

Video of their “twin formation” was caught by XDubai, the same extreme sports YouTube channel that featured B.A.S.E. jumpers jumping off the world’s highest condo tower.

What these guys can do with ariel aerobatics is truly unreal. If an Iron Man suit ever becomes a reality, it will almost certainly be designed with Jetman in mind. Maybe he’s the hero the world needs right now.

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