Get Ready: Soon We’ll All Be Flying Around Using These High-Speed Jetpacks

A man in Dubai known by the name of ‘Jetman’ has successfully launched a revolutionary jetpack. Jetpacks are nothing new, they’ve been around since the early 80’s, but they’ve always been impractical and unsafe.

However, the jetpack seen here being flown by Yves Rossy (a former fighter pilot) has changed the jetpack game forever, and heralded a new age of flight. In his pursuit of flying without the constraints of an “aircraft shell”, he’s managed to create what might be the world’s first practical jetpack.

Is it too early to add one of these to my Christmas list? I want one of these yesterday:

When I first came across that video I half expected to get trolled by another Japanese game show:

From the Jetman website:

Yves has always dedicated himself to experimental flight in all its forms. His dream has always been to fly in the purest form possible by minimising the constraints of enclosure in an aircraft shell. Drawn initially to the world of free fall, he experimented with ways in which to increase his flight time and enhance his ability to select his trajectory; essentially moving away from falling towards flight: sky surfing and wingsuiting only whet his appetite further. Still not satisfied, he developed his first real wing, comprising a rigid harness integrated into inflatable wing panels, that he strapped to his back. This surpassed all other innovation in prolonging free fall but was still not close enough to his goal of human flight.

JETMAN first came to the world’s attention in May 2008 with his first official flight over the Swiss Alps. An incredulous public sat up and took note. In September 2008, 99 years after the first crossing of the English Channel by air, he followed the path of Louis Blériot, achieving an amazing flight that was broadcast live to 165 countries and widely covered by the media worldwide. Yves Rossy became legendary – even though, from his perspective, he has just opened the door on the realms of possibility…

So…Europeans have known about this guy for a while and been hiding him from us? Were you afraid we were going to steel your aviation pioneer by throwing $$$$ at him, or what? Not cool guys, not cool.


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