Elderly Rapper Lays Down A Sick Track About How He’s Crushed More Poon Than Hugh Hefner

This 70-year-old by the name of Bitcoin the Rapper has burst onto the scene in the six days, dropping hit after hit after hit.

Mostly they’re about smashing trim for the past 70 years, and the production quality of these music videos is actually pretty impressive, so naturally I’m on edge that this is all some elaborate Kimmel ruse.

I just came across this track by the name of ‘Best B#$*h’ where the 70+ year old Bitcoin spits hot fire about how he’s been hitting it since WW2. I’m inclined to believe him, because I have no reason to believe otherwise. Here’s his first track, meet me after the video:

Alright bros, we have a chance to make an elderly bro’s rap career take off here. What do we do? Do we sit back and laugh our asses off, or do we share the ever living shit out of this video until the septuagenarian ‘Bitcoin’ is the hottest thing in the rap game? You know what your mission is.

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s his track ‘Doggy Style’

He’s like the paternalistic grandfather version of Lil Dicky we’ve all been waiting for (or at least since the latter’s game became tired…)

Now go forth into the world and spread the word of Bitcoin.