Joe Biden’s Son Is Dating His Dead Brother’s Widow, Ex-Wife Says He Blew ‘Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars On Drugs And Prostitutes’

At only 46-years-old Beau Biden, younger son of the former Vice President Joe Biden, tragically died of brain cancer in May 2015. It has been revealed this week that his brother Hunter Biden is having a romantic relationship with Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden. Page Six is reporting that Hallie and Hunter are now officially a couple, and that Joe and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, have given their blessing to the unusual romance.

“We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness. They have mine and Jill’s full and complete support and we are happy for them,” Joe Biden said in a statement.

Beau, who was the former attorney general of Delaware, and Hallie have two children – a daughter named Natalie and coincidentally a son named Hunter.

“Hallie and I are incredibly lucky to have found the love and support we have for each other in such a difficult time, and that’s been obvious to the people who love us most,” Hunter said. “We’ve been so lucky to have family and friends who have supported us every step of the way.”

One person who doesn’t seem supportive of the love affair is Hunter’s ex-wife Kathleen Biden, who is the mother of Hunter’s three daughters – Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy. Hunter and Kathleen separated in October 2015, five months after Beau’s death. Kathleen then filed for divorce in December 2016 and court documents show some eye-opening accusations.

The divorce filings show that Hunter and Kathleen’s marriage failed after Beau’s sudden death. The court papers indicate that there was some kind of domestic situation that forced Kathleen to kick Hunter out of the house on July 5, 2015 because of “his conduct the night before.”

In August 2015, there were reports that Hunter had an Ashley Madison account. The identities of many users of the website with the purpose of helping married couples to cheat were leaked. One of the users was registered to “Robert Biden,” Hunter’s legal first name. Hunter denied any involvement with the extramarital affair web service.

Heat Street details the accusations from the divorce papers that claim that Hunter spent much of the family’s money on drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, and strip clubs.

Kathleen characterizes Hunter as a deadbeat, who has left the family with “no funds to pay legitimate bills,” “maxed-out credit-card debt,” and saddled them with a “tax debt of at least $313,970.” Her filing paints such a dire situation that the couple has “bounced three checks to their housekeeper and owe medical providers and therapists for outstanding bills.”

She claims that a chunk of the family money was consumed by Hunter secretly spending “lavishly” after the couple’s separation on strip clubs, “other women,” and “personal indulgences.”

Beyond accusing her husband of spending lots of time around hookers and drugs, Kathleen writes that Hunter’s “recent conduct creates situations that are unsafe or traumatic for the parties’ children.” The two are currently fighting over custody of their 16-year-old daughter, Maisy.

The divorce papers cite “irreconcilable differences between the parties concerning [Hunter’s] conduct.”

On the plus side, Hallie won’t have to change her last name if she marries Hunter. So she’s got that going for her.