Jogger Sends Town Into High Alert After Being Mistaken For A Suicide Bomber

Saucony Running Sneakers 2016

Terrorists have some people on edge these days, ready to report any suspicious activity to the police. The people of Hamburg have such an itchy cell phone dialing finger, they’re calling the jobs on people jogging. Especially men running in circles on the street with vests on.

A person driving around in Hamburg’s Hamm area said he saw a runner wearing what he thought was a suicide bomber’s jacket, officials said. The runner reportedly “danced around” at a traffic light and entered a nearby building.

The witness found the runner’s behavior suspicious and called the police, who sent 60 officers, including special commandos and riot police to nab the alleged terrorist.

Whoa! Sixty officers? Imaging going for a run and being confronted by 60 cops and a bomb squad!

Obviously the guy wasn’t a terrorist. He was wearing a weighted vest over his shirt to increase the intensity of exercise and was running in circles to keep his heart rate up.

Officials cleared the area and said there was no reason to file a complaint regarding the case. The jogger probably ran back to the office with more weight in his underwear than on his chest.


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