John Kasich Said Lots Of Women Have ‘Left The Kitchen’ To Support Him, And It DID NOT Go Over Well

Pretty sure this is not the way to appeal to the female voting demographic, Senator Kasich…

The off-the-cuff remark was delivered by the Ohio senator and Republican presidential nominee hopeful at a campaign rally in Virginia over the weekend, and given the faces of the ladies in the audience, it did not sit well.

One woman in attendance scolded Kasich for the remark stating:

“First off, I want to say about your comment earlier about the women came out of the kitchen to support you, I’ll come to support you, but I won’t be coming out of the kitchen.”

With all due respect, sir, open mouth and insert foot. Openly, I’m undecided where my support falls as a registered independent, but I’ve always thought John Kasich had a better knack for connecting with people than any other Republican hopeful. Especially given the interviews with him that have made it into Showtime’s The Circus. Seriously, great show if you want some next-level political fodder. But this kind of thing, he needs to leave on the tour bus. Campaign killing stuff, bro.

Quickly, the senator’s campaign took to social media attempting to frame and rectify the misogynistic-appearing remark.

Ehhhh, yeah, my guess is he’s wishing he could take it back right about now…

[h/t Esquire]