John Oliver Compares The Scandals Of Both Presidential Candidates And No Matter What We’re Probably F*cked

We’ve been talking about tonight’s presidential debate in our editorial chatroom all afternoon. Reason being: it’s going to be a fucking shit sandwich and also because one of our guys is making a drinking game for it. From Hillary’s health and emails to Donald Trump’s bogus university and 4th grade insults, there is plenty of subject matter to make a drinking game out of.

Whatever comes out of tonight’s debate, one thing is clear: it’s scary that either one of these two idiots is going to be the leader of the free world. Is one of these choices better than the other? I honestly have no idea. I think they’re both shit. PURE SHIT. I just hope whoever is elected can hold it together for four fucking years until a better option hopefully comes along. If they can’t, well…at least we all have a front row seat to watch the world burn. Kind of an upside?

In the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver does his best to breakdown both of Clinton and Trump’s ongoing scandals. After discussing both at length, Oliver sides with Clinton as the lesser of two evils. That isn’t exactly much of a surprise considering he started the campaign to Make Donald Drumpf Again. What is a surprise is how he managed to end the entire segment by comparing the two candidates with raisins. Yes, raisins.