John Oliver Spent 22 Minutes Taking A Hatchet To Donald Trump’s Reputation On ‘Last Week Tonight’

by 2 years ago

Here comes what seems to be a required comment before any political post in 2016… This is not being posted because I am a liberal (for the record, I am not) or because I want to see Donald Trump’s campaign get taken behind the wood shed and have behind-the-wood-shed things happen to it (I do not). I’m posting this because it’s funny and if this 2016 Presidential Race has been ANYTHING, it’s been a laughing stock. So why ruin that enjoyment by being serious about any of it?

Do I believe John Oliver is telling his truth, that he abhors Donald Trump? OH YEAH. No attempt was made to hide his disdain. This wasn’t a playful, “Trump is an idiot and so is every other candidate segment.” This was delivered with unfettered MALICE.

Sure, Oliver made some interesting points and did land some blows on Trump, but like everyone else who just decided to start really ripping apart the Trump Train, Super Tuesday might be too damn close for this takedown to even matter.

I guess we’ll find out.

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