Don Draper’s Got a Drinking Problem? Jon Hamm Checked Into Rehab For Alcohol Addiction

The man who inspired million of men over the past decade to overlook their own drinking problems in the name of being suave and cool may himself have an issue with alcohol.

Jon Hamm, the actor behind Don Draper, allegedly checked into rehab last month and completed a 30-day program, according to Vulture.

Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm has undergone treatment for alcohol addiction, the Associated Press reports. The Emmy-nominated actor did so with the support of his longtime partner, actress Jennifer Westfeldt, and they asked for “for privacy and sensitivity going forward,” in a statement from Hamm’s publicist.

Hamm was treated in a facility in New Canaan, Connecticut and just released, a mere two weeks before the Mad Men premiere.

Viral marketing?


Also mayhaps not and we hope Hamm gets the help he needs.