Watch These Jungle Animals See Their Reflections For The First Time And Lose Their Goddamn Minds

God damnit, jungle animals are so fascinating just being jungle animals. Like I could watch jungle animals just chillin in their natural habitat, maybe eating some grass or dropping a deuce. But you put a goddamn mirror in front of them for the first time in their lives and film their reactions, that’s top-shelf entertainment. I needed this and I didn’t even know I needed this. Thanks again, Internet!

Things We’ve Learned:

Cheetahs want to fuck themselves.

Gorillas are straight up not happy with their physical appearance.

Baboons react how I do when looking myself in the mirror after a night of boozing and drugs.

Elephants aren’t interested in your stupid fucking games.

Chimpanzees need a selfie stick. Yesterday.

I think this cheetah’s on mushrooms.

I regret so many decisions I’ve made in my life.

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