Justin Timberlake Got Smacked In The Face At A Golf Tournament And Someone Managed To Capture It On Video

What would you give for a chance to smack Justin Timberlake in the face? Personally, I’d wait around until a chance to whap Justin Bieber came around, but Timberlake? Eh. He’s one of those celebrities that you just can’t bring yourself to hate because he’s genuinely talented and doesn’t do anything overly annoying – plus he’s married to Jessica Biel, and Jessica Biel is a goddamn saint who can do no wrong.

But that didn’t stop some random guy smacking Justin in the face during the 27th annual American Century Championship. While Justin refused to press any charges, the police arrested the guy anyway for disorderly conduct.

As the slap-happy guy was being led away, he reportedly said “I just wanted to touch him!” which seems like a legitimate excuse to me. It’s not every day you get to touch Justin Timberlake, or in this case, smack him in the face.