Canada Just Elected A New Prime Minister. Here He Is With Some Chick Wearing Nipple Pasties, Staring At Her Boobs

Justin Trudeau is the newly elected Canadian Prime Minister, and he is the leader of the Canadian Liberal Party, so he’s expected to completely legalize marijuana for recreational use in the coming months (years?). I really don’t know much at all about this guy, which isn’t all that weird considering I’m not Canadian, but I came across this photo (tagged as NSFW) of him over on Reddit titled ‘A friend of mine with Canada’s new PM.’

My natural curiosity got ahold of me and suddenly I found myself starting at the new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, staring down at some chick’s boobs. She’s wearing nipple pasties, and he’s very interested in those nipple pasties. This is actually one of the most refreshing photos I’ve ever seen in politics, because for once a politician is reacting like a human being:


I just can’t wait until we’ve reached the time when politicians running for office were teens during rise/existence of smartphones. We’re not too far off, another few election cycles, but that’s when we’re finally going to start seeing those candid photos that politicians desperately don’t want the world to see.

And I could be very, very wrong on this, but I think it’s helpful to judge a politician by whatever it is they think they should be hiding from the world. Knowing what that politician is trying to hide says a lot about that person, and how they want the public to see them.