Two Juveniles Have Been Charged With Aggravated Arson Over The Tennessee Wildfires That Killed 14 People

After weeks of speculation in the media regarding the wildfires across the great state of Tennessee and into North Carolina, officials have finally brought Aggravated Arson charges against two juveniles for the deadly fires which took the lives of 14 people and caused fire damage to over 1,700 buildings.

There is expected to be a detention hearing held within the next 72 hours, at which point we (the public) will learn more, but there is speculation that the two teenagers may be transferred to the adult court and prosecuted as adults.

According to ABC News, Great Smoky Mountain Superintendent Cassius Cash said that anonymous tips were crucial in gathering enough information to files these charges and take the first steps towards justice in a case where 14 people lost their lives to the raging wildfires. And by the way, Cassius Cash might be the best name I’ve heard in 2016. I feel better just knowing that name exists in the world.

After charges were filed the two teens were brought into custody at the Sevier County Juvenile Detention Center, but it’s being reported the teens are residents of Tennessee but not Sevier County.

When asked about the case by reporters, Mark Gwyn, Director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, remarked that he and his agency are “committed to making sure justice is served with this case”.

I still cannot believe the scope of these fires. 14 people dead, and over 1,700 buildings damaged. If you haven’t yet seen the footage of people fleeing the raging fires in the middle of the night like refugees escaping to save their lives you should REALLY watch this:

(h/t ABC News)

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