This Kickboxing Kangaroo Fight Is Better Than Mayweather-McGregor Will Ever Be

by 2 years ago

I love a good kangaroo fight as much as the next bro. Kangaroo fights mirror human fights in a way that no other species in the animal kingdom is capable of. Some kangaroos throw punches better than you or I will ever be capable of. They also kick their opponents and are the undisputed MMA champs of the animal kingdom. All of these skills are on display in this kangaroo fight above.

It’s been several months since we last saw a great kangaroo fight. Back in December, there was that guy who punched a kangaroo and later received death threats from animal rights activists.

You can check out all of the ‘Kangaroos‘ content in the BroBible archives, but you really have to go back a while to find a solid kangaroo-on-kangaroo fight. I was beginning to worry that things were chilling out in The Outback and that Australia was on the cusp of losing its crown to Florida as King of Batshit Crazy News, but then I came across this pretty spectacular kangaroo fight.

[h/t ViralHog YouTube]

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