Kanye West’s ‘Stepfather’ Reveals How Kanye Was Such A Pain In The Ass Growing Up, He Booted Him From His House

Now I know what you’re thinking–how can someone who once claimed he was ‘God’s vessel’ be a self-indulgent pain in the ass growing up? How could the dude who said the biggest pain in his life is that he will never be able to see himself perform live be a rebellious shithead? Well, I don’t make the rules.

In his first ever media interview with Daily Mail, Kanye’s stepfather-figure Willie Scott claimed Kanye’s rebellious, disobedient behavior growing up created a wedge between Willie and Kanye’s mother, Donda, causing them to split after a six-year relationship.

Willie claims that he welcomed Donda and Kanye into his home in the suburbs of Chicago but Donda’s blind support of her son’s failure to comply with simple household chores led to Willie kicking them both out of his house. She would call her son a ‘genius,’ which in her eyes freed him from any and all responsibilities Willie tried to impose on him. Including, but not limited to, walking his dog. Named Genius.

“He [Kayne] was about 14. He was a beautiful kid, but he was aggressive and he was self assured.

He told me in front of his mother that he didn’t want to have to do anything he didn’t have to.

His mother would take the garbage out and he would stuff the old garbage in the can and put a new bag over it because he didn’t want her to say anything to him.

He was a very creative kid, but he didn’t want anything to interfere with what he was doing, and that was his music.”

Willie claimed that Kanye never talked back to him, probably because he never really went out of his way to talk to him. This was allegedly rooted in jealousy, as Kayne believed no one deserved his mom but him.

‘I told him to do the chores (like) clean the bedroom and bathroom. But he didn’t do that.

‘I went away for a few hours and when I came back, he hadn’t done a thing.

‘The bath tub had a ring in it and he was busy doing his music. So that insulted me and I told the fellas to leave. I did that on two occasions. I told him you can’t have friends over unless you are responsible.

‘He violated and had friends over anyway. He got upset about that because I put his friends out. I said to him “Listen we need to talk don’t you think?” and he said “No, we don’t need to talk.”‘

Willie said that after Donda died in 2007, he saw Kanye at her funeral. Kanye was initially cordial and introduced him to his girlfriend. That was short lived.

‘Later on, he was with his group and I went over to hug him and he kind of pushed (me) off, so I knew I had to get away from him. We have not had any interaction ever since.’

Damn. Add another hater to stable. I guess when you’re the absolute best, you get hated on the most.

Kanye said that.

[h/t Daily Mail]


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