Key & Peele’s Latest Sketch Hilariously Depicts What Happens When A Telemarketer Hangs Up On You

Telemarketers are probably some of the most mentally tough human beings on the planet. You simply have to be. Tara Schneider hung up on me in eighth grade when I asked her to the movies and it’s still a complex. I’m 28 years old. Can’t shake it. Telemarketers have to deal with that debilitating rejection every time they pick up the phone. Granted, it seems like every one of them has a gross sinus infection and call at the most inconvenient times possible. Like the New Years ball will be about to drop and all your loved ones are huddled around counting down “3-2-RING!!!” Or an axe murderer will invade your house and you’ll be staked out under your parents bed with the phone about to call 911 and boom, the phone rings, your hiding spot is outed and you’re dead. Telemarketers kill, bros. A horrible species.

As a run-up to their Season 5 premiere, Key & Peele hilariously plays out a scenario that is so outlandish and unrealistic, it never crossed our unimaginative minds: the telemarketer flipping the script and hanging up on us. It’s like there’s a glitch in the matrix.

These guys are simply on fire.