This Little Kid Dancing Onstage At A Pharrell Concert Is Everything My Parents Hoped For In A Child

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I didn’t gain confidence in myself until I was like 19. You should have seen me at my middle school dances, a classic wallflower. I would sit on the radiator with my fat friends and make fun of the dudes dancing with chicks out of pure envy. They were everything I wanted to be, and instead of following their lead, I would take bathroom breaks every eight minutes to avoid the suffocating social anxiety. Damn you, Jack DiGregorio, with your cool sea shell choker necklace and your brand new Abercrombie shirt. How come I couldn’t be on that Abercrombie 1972 undefeated football squad, huh?! I HAD A FUCKING SLINGSHOT OF AN ARM. STILL DO!

The point is that when I get called a prick or a dickface today, I could care less, almost take it as a compliment if we’re being honest. Because I’m battle tested. But at a young age, everything sticks. It’s so difficult to be vulnerable and true to yourself because 1.) kids are fucking dickheads and 2.) you probably don’t know who you are or want to be yet.

But this 7 year old dude named Dylan Barraclough dancing to Pharrell on stage like no one is watching is a different species. Completely unaffected. Entirely in his element.





The Yorkshire Evening Post caught up with Dylan about his breakthrough performance:

“I was a little bit excited and I thought it was really good for my first gig. I just made it up as I went along, and Pharrell gave me a high-five at the end.”

First gig? I call bullshit.

[H/T Uproxx]

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