Hero Kids Helped Put Out An Apartment Fire By Spraying It With Water Guns, Are True Bros

You don’t have to be of legal drinking age and into the wanton destruction of property to be a Bro.

Sometimes, you can be below drinking ag, and into preventing the destruction of property to be a Bro.

Like the little elementary school Bros and Broettes in North Dakota, who used Super Soakers to help contain a fire while waiting for help to arrive.

They’re being called heroes. And here, they’re being called Bros. And they may have saved a life.

Firefighters were responding to a deck fire in Fargo and were informed that the occupant of the home was on oxygen and could not leave.

When they arrived, the blaze had already been extinguished.

How? Some grade schoolers were playing nearby with water guns and went to put the fire out.

“They had some super soakers, so they had some pretty good range,” [West Fargo Fire Chief Fuller] Fuller said. “They had to refill a couple of times but they pretty much got the fire out. It was just smoldering when we got there.”

Fuller said in a phone interview Tuesday that the boys and girls are all students at Aurora Elementary School in West Fargo. He said three of the kids live in the same apartment complex and two had joined them for a water fight outside the building. They smelled the smoke and found the fire.

Heck yea, kid bros. You guys and girls are the man.

[Via The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead; H/T The Washington Post]