Listen To This Confederate Flag Waving KKK Member Explain His Racist Point Of View And Try Not To Laugh At His Sneaker Choice

The most dangerous thing about people who are very passionate about a cause, ANY CAUSE, is that half the time they don’t really know what the fuck they’re standing for. They also usually have no idea what they’re talking about.

Take this guy for example — he’s very passionate about America and his Confederate flag and his opinions on race.

At a recent Confederate flag rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia, city councilman George Chidi approached another man who was carrying a rebel flag to ask him about his shoes. Chidi wanted to expose the hypocrisy of this particular guy wearing sneakers made by Fubu (an acronym for “For Us By Us”), a label founded by African American man Daymond John, Jr. that was created to help empower the black community. He filmed the whole thing.

This guy is positive that “blacks are ruining everything.” Everything except the sneaker business, I guess.

[via GQ]