Watch This Lady Casually Wrangle A Huge Snake That Slithered Into Her Home

Meet SunShine McCurry, a woman from North Carolina who is not afraid to wrangle snakes that venture into her home. SunShine, who is from Forest City, came home after picking up her 14-year-old daughter from school and noticed something awry. A huge snake in their house! The daughter spotted the snake and SunShine said it “came in like any other guest, through the front door.”

SunShine, who lives near a creek and raises chickens, has had her fair share of dealings with snakes. She calmly grabbed a pillowcase and wrangled the uninvited guest. The slithery critter musked SunShine and her home, and she said her house “smelled awful for days.” “I done got snake skunked again, son of a gun,” says SunShine. TIL snakes can spray you with shit.

Thankfully the reptile was a non-venomous black snake and she estimates it to be five to six feet in length. Instead of killing the snake, she kindly releases it by the creek near her house.

Like why not put on a heavy winter coat and oven mitts to protect yourself? Nope, not this lady. She’s all like, “I got this trusty pillowcase to get rid of a 6-foot snake.”

There’s also another way to deal with this snake issue.

“Hello insurance company, my house just ignited and went up in flames. Probably some faulty wiring or a gas leak explosion.”


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