Dickbag Leaves Nasty Note On Car Parked In Handicap Spot, Gets DESTROYED When It Turns Out The Guy’s A Veteran


dude comedy

We’re sort of at the point in society where if you see someone who doesn’t look handicapped park in a handicap spot then you best go ahead and follow that dude around the entire mall or wherever you are before you stick a nasty note on his windshield. Or maybe, y’know, you could just NOT be an aggressive dick with a note. For all you know the guy is actually an un-handicapped douche who likes to park in handicap spots and you were 100% right, however he’s also fairly good at writing and will call your ass out on the Internet immediately after. No one knows the real truth online, so even if he’s lying you’re going to look like a jackass.

Then again, there’s no names involved in any of this so maybe PLOT TWIST there was never a handicap sport or a car, just a guy with shitty handwriting and a laptop who made the whole thing up just to go viral.

People are assholes.


dude comedy

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