Let’s All Get Drunk and Call Members of Congress

Luckily, someone has figured out a way to channel all that drunken, undirectioned rage into something constructive. The site is called “Drunk Dial Your Congressman.” You find your remaining bottle of whiskey, drink it, enter your phone number, and the site will connect you to a random member of Congress. They've even provided talking points like…

I can't watch the panda.


If you can yell at a Park Ranger after forcing the Government to shut down then I get to yell at you.

I gave it a try but pussed out when my phone rang. The voicemail that was left—no joke—was a dude slurring out, “So in a minute, we're going to forward you to a member of Congress… and you can tell them what's on YOUR MIND and tell 'em to get back to work.” 

In reality, you're probably just getting hung up on by an overworked receptionist. Democracy, motherfucker.

Also, while we're on the subject: This picture going around the Internet today?

You know how it happened, right?

“Timmy, put on this stupid hat. We're going to the zoo. I know it's closed. Stop touching your hat STOP TOUCHING IT. Stand here and don't move. Daddy's getting so much fucking Reddit karma today.”

[H/T: Daily Intelligencer]