Like Most Of America, Mark Zuckerberg Used Facebook To Voice His Opinions On Donald Trump’s Plans For Immigrants


catwalker -- Shutterstock

You could argue that Donald Trump’s presidency is a byproduct of the proliferation of Facebook into our day-to-day lives over the last eight years. Beyond the whole “fake news” thing, Facebook serves as a massive platform for sharing political beliefs and ideologies to your social sphere in real time, reactionary to the day-to-day news process. It’s where the Trump Train blows at full-speed. If you’re anything like me, your Facebook news feed probably looks like a Mad Libs of opinions about the current President, sometimes like this…

Today even the founder of Facebook himself — Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg — used his own platform to voice his thoughts on Trump’s plans for immigration. Let’s just say he’s not a fan of the Trump Administration’s plans for the undocumented:

Way to keep it real, Zuck. Time for a keg stand.


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