Lilly Pulitzer’s Grandson Is The Least Preppy Dude Ever And A Complete Badass

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If you were to ask me what Lilly Pulitzer’s grandson looked like, I’d probably say something like this:


After all, Lilly Pulitzer is a favorite of basic, boring sorority chicks who swoon over basic, boring fratty dudes who wear bow ties and pastels. That’s just not the style of¬†her 34-year-old grandson, accomplished professional¬†photographer¬†Chris Leidy. He was profiled by Town And Country (the magazine on your grandma’s coffee table next to the¬†Werther’s hard caramels), who seems just as shocked by his non-preppy look:¬†“This Is Not What We Expected Lilly Pulitzer’s Grandson to Look Like…. Tattoos and all.”

You won’t find floral Lilly prints in Leidy’s wardrobe, perhaps because¬†the photographer needs as much space as possible for his¬†shoes. He has a built-in closet specifically for his large collection.

“I’m not really doing the bright color thing,” he says. Although he is used to “dressing to the nines in black tie,” he prefers¬†ripped jeans and Converse sneakers:¬†“I just spent an arm and a leg at 3×1¬†in the city getting custom denim¬†jackets and pants. I like to create my own little style, which I’d describe as kind of edgy funk.¬†I don’t like to be just another.”

So…. he’s a hipster?


The bottomline is that¬†Leidy¬†is a huge badass, mermaid tats and all. He’s like one part the¬†Dos Equis guy, one part Steve Zissou from The Life Aquatic. As a vocation, he’s a globe-trotting surfer/adventurer/underwater marine life photographer who has been published in dozens of magazines.

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