Lilly Pulitzer’s Grandson Is The Least Preppy Dude Ever And A Complete Badass


If you were to ask me what Lilly Pulitzer’s grandson looked like, I’d probably say something like this:


After all, Lilly Pulitzer is a favorite of basic, boring sorority chicks who swoon over basic, boring fratty dudes who wear bow ties and pastels. That’s just not the style of her 34-year-old grandson, accomplished professional photographer Chris Leidy. He was profiled by Town And Country (the magazine on your grandma’s coffee table next to the Werther’s hard caramels), who seems just as shocked by his non-preppy look: “This Is Not What We Expected Lilly Pulitzer’s Grandson to Look Like…. Tattoos and all.”

You won’t find floral Lilly prints in Leidy’s wardrobe, perhaps because the photographer needs as much space as possible for his shoes. He has a built-in closet specifically for his large collection.

“I’m not really doing the bright color thing,” he says. Although he is used to “dressing to the nines in black tie,” he prefers ripped jeans and Converse sneakers: “I just spent an arm and a leg at 3×1 in the city getting custom denim jackets and pants. I like to create my own little style, which I’d describe as kind of edgy funk. I don’t like to be just another.”

So…. he’s a hipster?


The bottomline is that Leidy is a huge badass, mermaid tats and all. He’s like one part the Dos Equis guy, one part Steve Zissou from The Life Aquatic. As a vocation, he’s a globe-trotting surfer/adventurer/underwater marine life photographer who has been published in dozens of magazines.


His underwater photography makes him worth the Insta follow:

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