This Story About ‘Liquid Ass’ Fart Spray Being Used For Military Training Is Remarkable

by 2 years ago
Liquid Ass Fart Prank Spray


I’m pretty sure everyone ready this has seen ‘Liquid Ass’ fart spray on the shelf at one point or another. It’s a prank spray that smells like baby Satan’s diaper that has been filled with three bean chili and left to cook in the Sahara Desert.

I had no idea until coming across this featurette from Great Big Story, but Liquid Ass apparently has a practical application in military training. The Liquid Ass Spray, which you can buy on Amazon for only $9, is used to train field medics to be prepared for the awful smells of battle.

It’s hard to prepare anyone for the horrid smells that will be released when a stomach is blown open and internal organs are ruptured, but the military has to do something. They can’t send completely unprepared doctors into the field. They’ll end up throwing up all over the wounds when the smells hit their noses. So they’ve worked with the founders of Liquid Ass to bring it into the training simulations. By the way, those training simulations look gnarly as hell. Imagine pretending to suture up a ruptured stomach when it’s filled with nasty ass hot dogs and coated in Liquid Ass fart spray.

I’ve never actually smelled Liquid Ass, and I’m sitting here wondering if I should buy some on Amazon just to have it around in case of prank emergencies. It’s only a couple of bucks, can’t hurt to have some Liquid Ass sitting in the garage, can it?

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