The Internet Was Asked For A List Of ‘Bro Rules’ And What They Came Up With Was Actually Good

by 3 years ago
bro rules


Rather than the usual tales of horror or sexual deviance yesterday Redditor WhatsTheMatterMcFly asked a question ear and dear to our hearts here at BroBible.

The question? “What are some ‘Bro’ rules?

Of course we already have a set of like a jillion of these over on the BroTips section of our site, but we’re never against learning a few new ones.

Let’s see what they came up with and if they’re any good.

Should one of your bros die lifting weights, it is mandatory that all other bros present have to add at least 100lbs to the set that killed him before the cops show up. ~ HopelesslyLibra

My older brother died 2 months ago. As soon as we received his items from the police, I threw his phone in the garbage and cleared his computer at the wake. You’re welcome bruh. ~ iamBazzy

I occasionally run into my roommate’s parents in public. “Yeah, I was trying to get him to game with me last night but he was just too intent on doing his homework! He has been trying to get his grades up like y’all want”

Next day he gets a call from them and I hear muffled laughter. Works every time. ~ Animoose

You can take the last beer or you can take the last slice of pizza. But taking both is just plain selfish. ~ SnowHesher

Player 1 goes to the one that owns the console, same goes for the good controller. ~ -eDgAR-

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