Looking For An Apartment in NYC? Weird Cat Lady Offers the Best Worst Option You’ll Ever Find

by 5 years ago

Per the Craigslist ad that has already been flagged for removal by some monster:

I live in a two bedroom apartment. I am looking for a someone to share my room with me, so I can maximize the rest of the space in the apartment. I love to dance, so I plan on clearing the rest of the apartment of furniture and putting most of it in the big bedroom. Then there will be a lot of space to dance with my new roommatein the rest of the apartment (tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop). So you should be willing to share a bed with me (I have a king sized air mattress, so we won’t be crowding each other). And dance with me. Male or female. I smoke cigarettes, but only in the bedroom so the apartment doesn’t stink. And I have four himalayan cats that I love so so much that live only in the bedroom too. I expect you to be respectful, nice and quiet, a cat lover andabove all a good dancer. I do not have a job, so I will be home almost all of the time. I expect you to pitch in and clean half the time and also cook around half of the meals. I am a vegan on raw veg diet. I will of course usually allow you to invite guests over if you clear it with me ahead of time. I will expect you to keep me posted daily as to developments in your life so we don’t become total strangers. Cats a plus. Smokers OK. Please don’t bring furniture or too much stuff. I have plenty of clothes you can borrow so no need to go overboard.

[H/T Brokelyn]

[Cat lady photo via Shutterstock]

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