Two Ratchet Chicks In LA Are Going Around Drugging Dudes And Stealing Their Rolexes

Police in Los Angeles are on the lookout for two women who allegedly drugged a pair of men and stole their watches.

According to authorities, two men met the women at a bar and invited them back to one of their houses in East Hollywood.

There, the women made the men drinks, which caused the two men to become groggy and pass out.

“Our victims believed they were drugged, they did not wake up until the following morning,” Hollywood Police spokeswoman Meredith Elrich said.

When they did wake up, the two men found both their watches missing, as well as five others stashed that had been stashed in a safe.

Grand total? $70,000.

Police released surveillance video of the two suspects, and all I’m saying is I wouldn’t mind being mugged by them.

There are worse people to be robbed by.

[Via The New York Daily News]