Man Goes to a ‘Magic, the Gathering’ Tournament, Takes a Selfie with Every Single Exposed Buttcrack

Absolutely tremendous work here from Redditor  OB1FBM.  He explains: “I participated in one of the biggest Magic: the Gathering tournaments of all time this weekend. In an effort to document it, I posed for pictures near people with exposed asscracks. I present to you Grand Prix Richmond Crackstyle.”

True to his word, he proceeded to document 16 dude-cracks from the tournament, where I assume no one in attendance has ever eaten a vegetable. Bros — It’s not that hard to cover up a plumber crack — Wear clothes that fit and keep ‘em pulled up. Saying no to the “do you want fries with that” question doesn’t hurt either. No one wants to look like Yokozuna.

Anyway, here is OB1FBM‘s masterwork:

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Congrats… You just looked at a bunch of dude’s butts.

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[H/T: Daily Dot]

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