This Guy Makes Over $40,000 Drawing Pictures On Snapchat While You’re Sitting In Class Drawing Boobs In Your Notes

// is the perfect phone app when it comes to sending people nudes and pictures of drugs so that you can show everyone how super-duper cooooool you are because like omg hardcore much look at all those lines of coke, but if you’re looking to draw the next Mona Lisa the 10 second maximum time limit all snaps have is kind of daunting. Michael Platco, however, eats that 10 second time limit for breakfast…or at least doesn’t give two dicks about it since he gets paid to draw snaps for companies like 20th Century Fox and Disney. According to Mirror,

This professional artist can earn up to £39,000 for his miniature masterpieces – which vanish after just 10 seconds.Meet Michael Platco, who has made his name creating temporary works of art using the social network Snapchat. The 26-year-old spends five hours-a-day drawing pictures on the app that often feature him as a fictional characters. With more than 100,000 of his own followers he works full-time to promote companies through their accounts on the hugely popular medium. …However, the former teacher, who once took three hours to complete a Snapchat, claims his job leads to constant hand cramp.

Yeah and I get butt cramps sitting here eating Cheezits and drinking Diet Coke all day but you don’t see me complaining. It’s called sacrifice, Michael – sometimes if you wanna win the race you have to chop off your leg and feed it to wolves. Wolves don’t fuck around. Have you seen The Grey? Wolves literally stalked and killed Liam Neeson and his crew of lovable misfits who we all knew were doomed the minute they signed on to star in a film with Liam Neeson. He’s like the lesser-likely to die version of Sean Bean.

// for what Michael’s hand cramp-filled work day is like:

“Sometimes I go to events, other times I use my own account to promote them or I work from the brand’s Snapchat account. The ultimate goal is grow their accounts and get them more followers.”It can be a long day. I usually grab a coffee and plough through because Snapchat doesn’t lend itself to breaks – my hand cramps up all the time.”The longest it took me was Harry Potter which was three hours. Sometimes I spend an hour on one post, but a lot will take just 20 minutes.”…He added: “I took some time off work to go to Disney and run their snapchat account and then brands starting offering me lots of deal so I decided to take it full-time.
“I’m basically an eight-year-old in the body of a 26-year-old.

So he’s like Robin Williams in that movie where he’s like 10 but has that Benjamin Button shit going on and looks 40. Ew. At first I thought I might be jealous of this guy’s job, but now I’m like “Nah, butt cramps + diet coke > hand cramps + dying alone as a 100-year-old baby.” …he didn’t mean that literally? Oh. Still not deleting that paragraph.



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