Malia Obama Spotted At A Beer Pong Party, Continues To Be The Coolest First Kid Ever

Malia Obama is just killing it so far in her gap year between high school and college.

First she was spotted allegedly smoking a joint a Lollapalooza.

Then she was at a party that got shut down for being too “rowdy” and brought out the Secret Service.

Later Malia was photographed in a photo with a giant bong at a get together in Philly while wearing a “Smoking Kills” t-shirt.

And now comes a photo which appears to have come from Snapchat of her playing a little pong with beer cans strewn about the table.

Who knew a President’s kid could be so cool and normal? And man, now I am really wishing there had been social media when the Bush sisters were in the White House.

The only problem I see here is that she needs to quit hanging out with people who snitch on her. I’m not alone in that notion either. The same thing was said by many the last time she was photographed and here we go again.

Right with you there, but hey, at least it’s nice to see someone in Washington D.C. ties still knows what it’s to act like a regular human being.



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