Hell Yeah, Secret Service Reportedly Called As ‘Rowdy’ Party With Malia Obama In Attendance Gets Shut Down

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Malia Obama’s gap year between high school and college is off to a VERY solid start.

First, she was spotted smoking something “questionable” while partying it up at Lollapalooza.

Now she’s attending wild parties on Martha’s Vineyard that required the police to be called so they could shut it down.

Reports the Boston Herald

Word from the Vineyard is that police broke up a rowdy party in West Tisbury the other night, and we hear that one of the guests was none other than 18-year-old first daughter Malia Obama.

West Tisbury police declined to confirm that Malia was one of the kids who were shooed out of the bash at a private home near the presidential summer digs, citing “national security.”

“Seriously?” we inquired. “That’s what you’re going with?”

“Sounds like a good 
excuse, doesn’t it?” said the officer, who also declined to give us the address or the homeowners’ names.

“We responded to a noise complaint, like we do numerous times this time of year,” he said. “We told them to go home and they did.”

Malia, of course, was escorted home by her Secret Service squad, who, we’re told, got her outta there right quick when the heat showed up!

I have to admit, I am loving her style. Screw the fact that she’s the President’s kid. What other 18-year-old has the world by the balls more than she does right now? Use the fact that your the President’s kid and know you can do whatever the fuck you want in your gap year, Malia. Lord knows I’d be in all sorts of shit if I was her and had a whole year to just fuck off.

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