Pennsylvania Man Arrested After Breaking Into His Neighbor’s Barn To Bang All The Mini-Horses

So fun fact, a miniature horse is not, in fact, simply a baby horse. It’s actually a horse that, when full grown, is still smaller than a regular horse. Essentially, they’re the hose equivalent to a lap dog or a little person. So that makes it about 100x weirder that this dude in Pennsylvania broke into his neighbor’s barn to have sex with all of the mini-horses as opposed to the regular-sized horses.

Via The Smoking Gun:

“According to investigators, a witness called cops earlier this month to report that a man driving a Dodge pickup truck was trespassing on his rural Lancaster County property. The owner–who had copied down the vehicle’s license plate–told police that he had previously seen the Dodge on his land on “numerous” occasions and believed that a “lone male” had gone into his barn, which “houses cattle and a miniature horse.”

As detailed in a probable cause affidavit, cops traced the Dodge Dakota to a residence about six miles from the barn. There, they interviewed Travis Wagner, who “admitted that he entered the barn for the specific purpose to engage in sexual intercourse with a miniature horse.”

Wagner, seen above, provided cops with a graphic account of his sexual contact with the animal, adding that he “engaged in the same sexual acts” with the horse “at least two previous times.”

In a criminal complaint, Wagner was charged with felony burglary and sexual intercourse with an animal, a misdemeanor. Following arraignment, Wagner was released on $5000 bail. He is scheduled for a September 2 preliminary hearing in Magisterial District Court.”

I’m no lawyer, but are there worse charges for someone who sexually abuses someone that is significantly smaller but not younger than them? Like if a full-grown adult forces himself on an adult little person, shouldn’t there be stronger charges. Just because someone is over 18, I think they’re still at a disadvantage from a self-defense standpoint. So, since this kid essentially went after the little people of the horse world, I think he should be in more trouble. Not only is it a defenseless animal, it’s doubly-so because, if it was a person, it would be allowed to park in a special parking space. I think this guy should just be happy they aren’t sending him to horse jail. I doubt they take kindly to mini-horse fuckers there. He’ll just have to get used to fucking regular-sized horse.