Man Auctions His Toy Collection 25 Years In The Making To Buy 4-Year-Old A New Wheelchair

Logan Roninger toy collection sale Nat Ellis

YouTube - KTVL News10

Every now and then we run into a story of someone doing something that they didn’t need to do, but did it anyway just to help someone in need and our faith in humanity is restored. In this story it happened not just once, but two times.

Logan Roninger was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy when he was just 18-months old. He’s never walked and has used a wheelchair to get around since he was two.

Now four-years-old, Logan’s parents are looking to purchase a Tankchair, a powered wheelchair that can go off-road so they can continue to take their son on trips outdoors around their home in Oregon.

Problem is the chair costs $17,000 and insurance won’t cover it, so they’ve managed to raise $11,000 of what they need through local fundraisers. But they’re still $6,000 short.

Here’s where our faith in humanity gets restored not once, but twice.

Nat Ellis, a business and marketing teacher at Klamath Union High School, who had never met Logan or his family before this, has been saving a toy collection that now numbers 1,139 items for 25 years with hopes of selling it off to help him out in retirement. But rather than do that, he just went ahead and put the whole thing up on eBay with the proceeds going towards Logan’s new chair.

And here’s the even better part. The person who purchased Ellis’ toy collection donated it back to him so he could sell it again to try and raise even more money.

“Life’s not about us. It’s about other people. So the best thing you can do is help as many people as possible,” Ellis tells ABC News.

Here’s the link to the auction, which ends next Tuesday, if you’re feeling super generous today.

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