Crazy Man Chases Out Huge Bear That’s Living Under Deck, Bear Shows Its Disapproval By Taking The Biggest Dump

Would I run away from this mammoth creature if it was living under my house? Does a bear shit in the woods?

We take you to South Lake Tahoe, California where this homeowner discovered a massive brown bear living under his deck. The bear is seemingly just chillin there getting out of the heat. The cameraman is immediately greeted with an angry hissing growl. At the 1:43 mark the beast tries to intimidate his unwanted guests by pretending to pounce. Then at the 2:45 mark, the insane man goes to the top of the deck and begins to jump and make noise to scare the bear out and it actually works as the bear runs away. However it seems to work too well because the man scared the shit out of the bear… quite literally. The brave idiotic man follows the massive animal and it stops dead in it’s tracks. Seconds later, the bear oozes out a cascade of brown shit from it’s ass that looks like a chocolate soft serve ice cream dispenser. After leaving a wonderful going-away present, the bear skedaddles out of the backyard and into the street.

Fuck that noise. I’d sell that house so quickly and not tell the future homeowners that there’s a living, breathing monster under the deck. Enjoy your toothy and clawed buyer’s remorse motherfuckers.