Drunk Man Promises ‘The Coolest Beer Bottle Opener In The World’ And It Involves A Death-Dealing Hawk

You’ve seen the lifehacks to open a beer bottle from a motorcycle to a machete to a $20 bill. But this bottle-opening technique may be the most bizarre and definitely the most macabre.

This fine gentleman, who obviously has got too much going on in his buzy life because he only has time to fasten two buttons on his shirt, has a unique way of opening a cold beer.

The man queries, “Hey! Y’all wanna see the coolest bottle opener in the world?” He then presents an adorable white mouse.

Awwwww! The lil mouse with the squigly tail is gonna open that beer bottle! How adora….

What is that Drogon-looking thing soaring out of the tree?


The mouse is not opening the bottle.

RIP mouse.

On the bright side, the hawk had a tasty lunch.

I never knew the circle of life could help people get drunk.

Something tells me that the mouse does not regard this as “the coolest bottle opener in the world.” I bet this bottle-opening method is not even in his top 100 coolest bottle opener in the world. To be fair, it doesn’t appear that the hawk opened the bottle either, it was already open, but still quite a spectacle.

If you don’t have a hawk and a mouse at your disposal you could always use one of these methods.

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