Man Hands Out Free Cupcakes and Brownies Outside a NYC Gym

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.13.52 AM

There are two things yuppie New Yorkers are obsessed with: Artisan, freshly baked cupcakes and working those calories off with whatever trendy fitness  routine is cool at the time a la Soul Cycle or Pure Barre. Scott Rogowsky — who we once saw Tucker Max act like a total dick to – thought it’d be fun to hand  out sweets outside a busy New York City gym. Hey, who couldn’t use a cupcake and brownie ever now and then? Unfortunately, the New Yorkers in the video act like complete dicks about this random act of kindness, belittling Scott and his friend to the point where one dickhead says “people are here to lose weight, not look like a slob like you.”

Ouch. Words hurt. You know what takes the sting out, meany-pants? Delicious, sweet pastries. God Bless America, a place where you have the right to work out to impress all your Facebook friends about your gym gains or eat just lay on the couch and eat face off.

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