A Man In Florida Was Arrested After Firing Two Dozen Shots Into A Woman’s House After She Turned Him Down


Sumter County Sheriff Office

If you’ve been on the social media in the past year or so, you’re probably familiar with the phrase “masculinity so fragile.”

It’s a delightfullly blistering take on men, showing how the tough, dominant, power tool-using gender is actually a bunch of pussy ass whimps when it comes down to it.

Like they profess to be hardened souls who’ve seen some shit and know how to comport themselves at times of duress, then start flinging expletives and slurs at a woman when she says something as polite as “I’d prefer you not to send me a dick pic.”

If you were, you know, actually tough, you’d say “okay, cool,” and move on with your life. But a lot of guys don’t. A lot of guys lose their shit. At something so basic and normal and okay as a woman not wanting to have sex with you. Literally billions of others, bros. Billions of others.

Take Howard Sparber, in Florida, for instance. He was harassing a woman who told him to stop with his unwanted advances.

How’d he respond? By respectfully stopping? Or by unloading two full magazines into her house?

From Raw Story:

Deputies said that Sparber fired dozens of gunshots to gain entry to the house, but the woman turned out not to be home at the time.

The suspect was said to still be holding Sig Sauer 9mm semiautomatic handgun when the deputies arrived. He was taken into custody without incident.

Two magazines — one with 15-round capacity and another with 20-round capacity — were also recovered by the deputies.

Deputies estimated that Sparber caused at least $3,000 in damages by firing rounds through the front door and into the kitchen cabinetry. He was charged with armed burglary, aggravated stalking, shooting into a dwelling and criminal mischief.

That is some fragile ass masculinity.

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