Man Gets Struck By Lightning For A Second Time, Proves Impossible Is Nothing By Surviving Once Again

So there’s a ton of estimates about what the odds are of getting struck by lightning. Put it this way, though – there’s a good chance it’ll never happen to you, because statistics say it’s pretty uncommon looking at the big picture, taking into account the low number of recorded instances versus the size of the population.

That said, statistics also say it’s even more unlikely (unless you’re trying) to get struck by lightning twice in a lifetime. You’d have to be one of the unluckiest people alive, again, statistically speaking.

Unfortunately, Jim Lamey of Mackeyville, Pa., is one of those unlucky people. The Clinton Township man was struck by lightning this past Friday…six years after the first time it happened to him.

Or maybe Mackey is actually one of the luckiest men on the planet to survive lightning’s electrical wrath not once, but twice? What a trooper.

Like his daughter said, go play the damn lottery tonight, Jim!

If you hit it, maybe put some work into the house. I noticed it’s built pretty much from sheet metal…that stuff conducts electricity really, really well.

[via WNEP]