2016’s Best Love Story Is The Trucker Who Dialed A ‘For A Good Shag’ Number Left In A Bathroom And Met His Wife

Who here among us hasn’t once pranked a friend by scrawling their number on the stall of a bathroom alongside a quote that reads “For a good time, call Sam”?

I certainly did it to my friend Sam. I’m sure you did it to your friend Sam, too.

No one actually ever dials those numbers, because the odds they would lead to a real person who is willing to come to the bathroom you are at and fuck you for $40 are practically non-existent.

But there are often real people on the other line, people just like you, who maybe yearn and want in the same ways that you, lonely and shitting, do too.

Mark Ellis, of West Yorkshire, saw a sign in the toilet of his local pub, one that said “For a good shag, call Donna,” with Donna Robert’s number.

According to the New Zealand Herald, it was written by Donna’s ex. But Ellis had nothing going on, so he shot the number a text. To his surprise, Donna wrote back.

The rest is a love story more beautiful than anything Nicolas Sparks coulda crapped out.

Ellis then cheekily decided to text the number and wrote: ‘Hi. What are you up to?’

Speaking to the Sun on Sunday, the love-struck trucker said: ‘I was curious to know if it was a real human being. We still laugh about it.’

Roberts, a legal secretary, was at first perplexed by how Ellis had found her number, but the couple soon struck up a conversation and met just days later.

The couple now have two kids, aged eight and nine, though they are unaware of how their parents first met.

So go forth. Text the next number you see offering you sex. It may just bring you love.

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