Man Who Allegedly Voted For Donald Trump Gets Mercilessly Beaten By Angry Mob

This has been one of the most turbulent and divisive elections of all-time. However, that does not give people the excuse for hate speech or physical violence.

A man who allegedly voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election was seen getting brutally assaulted by a group of angry men. He doesn’t fight back and repeatedly attempts to get back inside of his car but he is smashed with a barrage of haymakers. He is hit so hard that he falls to the ground and then the attackers begin to mercilessly kick the man while he’s down.

During the sickening assault a woman repeatedly yells, “You voted Trump! DAMMNN!” and “Don’t vote Trump!” and “Beat his ass!”

This all happens while it appears that his car is being robbed.

A second video of the incident, which is said to be in Chicago, features the soundtrack of the “Fuck Donald Trump” song. It shows the ugly assault ends when one of the attackers steals the victim’s car and drives away with the man’s hand stuck in the window as he is dragged down the street by the vehicle.

There have also been alleged incidents of racism said to have been done by Trump supporters since the election.

I think we all need to fucking relax and understand that despite differing political views we are all on the same team. We could all learn a lot from Arnold Schwarzenegger and his speech attempting to unify this torn country.