This MANIAC Woman Screaming At Her Neighbors Over A BB Gun Makes Me Want To Move To Mars

One of the goals in a person’s life is to buy a house. However, there are drawbacks to home ownership such as taxes, the long-term financial commitment, maintenance costs, oh and living next to a fucking psychopath neighbor for the next 30 years.

This woman with the “Can I speak to a manager” haircut and the flamingo legs is quite perturbed that the windows on her house have been shattered by a BB gun. She suspects that her neighbors across the street are the perpetrators of this crime. So she kindly and rationally discusses the situation with her neighbors. Just kidding, she flips the fuck out!

I legitimately thought that this woman was going to have a stroke or have her head explode. She accuses her neighbor’s kids of having a BB gun or a slingshot and they shot out the window at her house.

The son who is arguing tells the furious woman that she “doesn’t know shit.” To which the insane woman agrees with him and makes his point by saying, “I know shit.”

The neighbors then exchange allegations that both are on welfare. Then the maniac woman is accused of being a crack addict or taking Xanax or Ritalin. She fires back that the neighbors are so poor that they had their water shut off, but the neighbor retorts, “They shut my water off because I’m too fucking lazy to take a check” to the water company. Touché. This whole amazing exchange happens out in the open with the entire neighborhood to hear.

She questions her neighbor if he has a record, and when he says that he does not have a record, the lunatic screams “YOUR WHOLE FAMILY HAS A RECORD!”

May want to lower the volume on your speakers at the 1:00 mark because things go ballistic after a “C U Next Tuesday” is dropped.

Fuck, this video made me want to move to a deserted island or top of a mountain. There’s still a chance I could have a batshit neighbor there, so I may have to move to Mars.

Happy New Year and peace on Earth.

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