Map Shows The Thing Single People HATE The Most In Each State And Delaware Is LOLOLOL

by 11 months ago

The dating app ‘Hater’ is unlike any other around. Instead of matching singles based on their mutual interests and commonalities, Hater matches people based on the things they hate the most. The idea is that people often bond really well over mutually shared hatred of things like Coldplay, Bono, Tuna Salad, and pretty much every other shitty thing you can imagine.

Over time, Hater has collected a shit ton of data about the things that people hate the most and they’ve used this data to roll out the map below. This map shows the one thing that is hated most in each state of America, and I have to say that I’m shocked it’s Delaware and not Massachusetts that hates Casey Affleck above all (Massachusetts despises ‘Middle America’):

Come on, Mississippi, what’s so bad about a little funky butt loving? Kansas, what the fuck did Seinfeld ever do to you? South Dakota, as a state are you really in any position to hate the New York Times when you don’t have a single nationally circulated newspaper that’s worth a shit?Virginia, what the fuck?! Of all the things that single people hate the most, it’s ‘DUI checkpoints’! Do you really love drunk driving that much? What gives?

We could go state-by-state and question every single detail of this map, but that’d be a waste of my time. I’ve got more blogging to do (fuck you, Indiana!). I am curious which of the states baffles you bros the most, so go get angry in the comments below and let me know which response you hate the most. (h/t Mashable)

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